Welcome to CADI® OPTIMUM – the world’s finest digital x-ray and imaging system.

CADI® OPTIMUM is the result of Synca’s 15+ years of specialized experience in integrating the leading brands of imaging technologies in the industry.

During this time Synca amassed unparalleled experience in the shift from film to digital x-ray, multi-technology integration & harmonization, seamless bridging to practice management software and efficient use of imaging in a dental practice.

Imaging technologies and the images they produce can have a huge impact on office workflow, diagnostics, patient education and case presentations. However, the technologies were limited in two important ways. Most software was restricted to a single brand of equipment. Also, it was not easy for dentists and staff to use the wide variety in images at hand to interact with patients.

We decided to improve this and help dentists get the most from their high tech imaging investments by creating a better imaging system.

The result is CADI® OPTIMUM!