Universal Platform

ONE software is all you need!

  • ONE software to learn and use
  • Use ONE imaging software for all your sensors - switch sensor brands and keep your images and software
  • ONE software to manage intra-oral cameras, x-ray sensors, phosphor plate scanners, panoramic x-rays, digital cameras and more
125,000 satisfied users around the world - and growing!

CADI® - is powerfully simple!

ONE software is what you need!

  • Intuitive user interface makes CADI® easy to learn and use
  • Powerful presentation features for co-diagnosis interactions with patients
  • Easily acquire, store, access, present and print all your images and x-rays

CADI® Optiview UNO

720P Intra-oral Camera

The CADI® Optiview UNO is a simple-to-use intra-oral camera that integrates perfectly into CADI®. It offers full 720P clear and bright images with a fixed focus range that is ideal to support all your treatment recommendations.