Imaging and x-ray software is often brought to you by various equipment manufacturers that are making sensors, digital panoramic x-ray units and intra oral cameras. Since they make their money on equipment, they offer you the most basic free or low-cost software that will operate their equipment and meets the most primary needs.

Total Flexibility

But what happens if you want the freedom to change sensors, take advantage of new technologies from different brands, or operate multiple dental offices with a single imaging platform? What happens when you want to use the power of images to co-diagnose with your patients and increase your treatment case acceptance? What happens when you want advanced software to meet the dynamic needs of a growing practice?


This is why we developed CADI®. The CADI® project started in the early 2000s. Our ongoing drive is to offer a flexible, powerful and simple-to-use x-ray and imaging platform that will meet changing needs, as your practice evolves over time. CADI® imaging software is brought to you by Synca, a North American dental company that has been in business of over 30 years.

125,000 users around the world!

CADI® is available is several formats and names and is sold around the world. There are over 125,000 satisfied users and it keeps growing every day.
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